About Wakemojo

Wake Mojo “Dedicated to the Wakesurf Lifestyle”


Wakesurf products aren’t easy to research, and we understand that. Wake Mojo was born out of a passion, a passion to understand and share the wealth of product options wakesurfers have, and to simplify the shopping experience on your next board or boat. We know what you like; better still, we know what you need.

We do not sell boards, boats, or gear here at Wake Mojo. Our goal is to educate and facilitate. We publish collaborative, experiential reviews, keeping you informed so you can maximize your water time.

Boards and boats are built the way they are for a reason. We are all different shapes, sizes, and experience levels. And our wakesurfing products should reflect that. With Wake Mojo, it’s easier to pick the product that’s right for you — and we do it because we are dedicated, dedicated to the wakesurf lifestyle.