Best Wakesurf Boats

At Wake Mojo we have spent all year evaluating all the wakesurf boats out there.  This year has been exciting for wakesurfing as more money and time is being spent perfecting the wave making technology.  There have been some exciting and great enhancements but there are a few makers who stick out above the rest.  There are many factors that go into our boat evaluation process and we do not receive any money from the industry to influence our opinions which makes our ranking truly unbiased.  We find that most consumers have certain preferences and there are certain groups who are very brand loyal.  We understand this as there are many factors that go into buying a boat, ie) local dealer quality, budget and many other variations.  We strictly evaluate the overall boat, it’s performance, quality, etc.  We don’t factor in local dealers as this varies by geographic location.  There are certain makers who have a stronger dealer network than others and there are boat makers who support dealers better than others.  We do factor this into our overall rankings.  This year our focus was on 23′ boats as this is the #1 selling size for wakesurfing.

Without further delay the top 3 Wake Mojo wakesurf boats are:

1.  Nautique G23, hands down this is the best wakesurf boat made.  Nautique does not cut any corners on their boat build and the price reflects this.  The only hurdle we ever hear to buying a Nautique is the price which is understandable but if your budget fits the price tag then there is not a better option.  2016 introduces a specific hull resdesign for wakesurfing that only makes the G23 harder to beat!  The G23 has the longest wave, consistent push throughout the wave, best fit and finish inside the boat and updated technology as of 2016.  The wave is completely customizable to suit your riding style.

2.  Supra SG, a new model for 2015, the SG is a proven crowd favorite.  Skiers Choice really stepped up their boat building with the introduction of this 23′ model.  The Supra Swell Surf System is fully adjustable to make the wave match your riding skill and the added creature comforts to the interior will satisfy any buyer out there.  The leadership team at Skiers Choice is top notch and they support their dealer network extremely well.  You can expect to see continued growth from Supra for 2016 and beyond.

3.  MasterCraft X23, MC has really turned things around for wakesurfing in 2015 as they brought the X23 and X20 to the market specifically designed for wakesurfing.  The overall finish of this model is top notch and you would be well pleased to own this boat.  The Gen 2 surf system brings you a great wave and is fully adjustable for every wakesurfer in your crew.  We are very impressed with what MasterCraft has brought to the wakesurf market and look forward to what is to come from them.

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