Inland Surfer Buying Day 1 Wake

September 12, 2016

Inland Surfer Made in the U.S.A.
Bellevue, WA; September 12th, 2016

Inland Surfer Inc. and Day1 Wake LLC announced they have forged an agreement in which Inland Surfer will acquire Day1 Wake. Upon execution Day1 Wake will be integrated into the Inland Surfer Brand, becoming Inland Surfer’s exclusive Made in America Custom Division. Bryce McDonald founder of Day1 Wake will assume an Executive Position and hold a seat as a member of the Board of Directors.

For over 16 years Inland Surfer has developed the strongest Dealer Network driven with global distribution channels as the World’s largest independent wakesurf manufacturer. The team has designed a plan to take the Made in America Custom Division into this network effective immediately. This acquisition strengthens Inland Surfer’s competitive advantage, deepens product offerings, and enters the custom board segment as a proven leader in a space that has traditionally been occupied by independent builders and limited production companies.

“After designing all Inland Surfer products in Bellevue, Washington for the last 16 years I am incredibly excited to now begin production in the United States. We’ve secured a new CNC Machine and we can now offer our customers the ability to purchase handmade, custom boards made in the United States of America,” said Jeff Page, CEO, and Founder of Inland Surfer.

Inland Surfer will immediately release multiple new handmade boards to complement the 2017 model year lineup as well as semi-custom and full personalization boards on-demand in various shapes, sizes, materials, and technology.

For more information see or contact 425-747-6055
About Inland Surfer: Celebrating 16 years as the World’s largest wakesurf board manufacturer, a Lake Lifestyle brand founded in Bellevue Washington with worldwide operations; including global distribution and a premier Dealer Network. Inland Surfer designs exclusively in the USA with manufacturing in the United States, China, and Thailand.

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Don’t miss the Ulimate Wake Boat Demo Event!!

September 4, 2016

Southern Surfest Ultimate Demo Logo

All day demo event at Hideaway Bay Marina, Lake Lanier, Georgia on Saturday, October 1st from 9 to 5:30.  Wakesurfers, Wakeboarders and others are more than welcome and invited!  If you want to just ride in the boat for the demo you are welcome to do that too.

You can demo up to 5 boats and sign up for up to 5 time slots.  You will ride with 4 to 5 people for 90 minutes during each demo session.  Bring your surfboard or wakeboard to experience what the latest 2017 boats have to offer!  No demo boards provided.

This event is hosted by Southern Surfest and there is no charge to attend.  We will have giveaway drawings throughout the day as well.  This is a very unique opportunity to try out mulitiple brands of boats at one location!!

Walk up traffic welcome and we will do our best to work you in boats however reservations would be the recommended way to go.

We look forward to an awesome day on the lake!!

Sign up at:

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Best Wakesurf Boats

August 5, 2015

At Wake Mojo we have spent all year evaluating all the wakesurf boats out there.  This year has been exciting for wakesurfing as more money and time is being spent perfecting the wave making technology.  There have been some exciting and great enhancements but there are a few makers who stick out above the rest.  There are many factors that go into our boat evaluation process and we do not receive any money from the industry to influence our opinions which makes our ranking truly unbiased.  We find that most consumers have certain preferences and there are certain groups who are very brand loyal.  We understand this as there are many factors that go into buying a boat, ie) local dealer quality, budget and many other variations.  We strictly evaluate the overall boat, it’s performance, quality, etc.  We don’t factor in local dealers as this varies by geographic location.  There are certain makers who have a stronger dealer network than others and there are boat makers who support dealers better than others.  We do factor this into our overall rankings.  This year our focus was on 23′ boats as this is the #1 selling size for wakesurfing.

Without further delay the top 3 Wake Mojo wakesurf boats are:

1.  Nautique G23, hands down this is the best wakesurf boat made.  Nautique does not cut any corners on their boat build and the price reflects this.  The only hurdle we ever hear to buying a Nautique is the price which is understandable but if your budget fits the price tag then there is not a better option.  2016 introduces a specific hull resdesign for wakesurfing that only makes the G23 harder to beat!  The G23 has the longest wave, consistent push throughout the wave, best fit and finish inside the boat and updated technology as of 2016.  The wave is completely customizable to suit your riding style.

2.  Supra SG, a new model for 2015, the SG is a proven crowd favorite.  Skiers Choice really stepped up their boat building with the introduction of this 23′ model.  The Supra Swell Surf System is fully adjustable to make the wave match your riding skill and the added creature comforts to the interior will satisfy any buyer out there.  The leadership team at Skiers Choice is top notch and they support their dealer network extremely well.  You can expect to see continued growth from Supra for 2016 and beyond.

3.  MasterCraft X23, MC has really turned things around for wakesurfing in 2015 as they brought the X23 and X20 to the market specifically designed for wakesurfing.  The overall finish of this model is top notch and you would be well pleased to own this boat.  The Gen 2 surf system brings you a great wave and is fully adjustable for every wakesurfer in your crew.  We are very impressed with what MasterCraft has brought to the wakesurf market and look forward to what is to come from them.

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Favorite Boards

July 7, 2015

The Southern Surfest board reviews have all been tabulated and posted at  Riders at the event rate each board they ride based on 12 pre-determined categories.  Rider ability ranges from beginner to pro and everything in between.  Once we added up all the scores we found it interesting which board was the most popular amongst the different board makers.  Here is a break down by board company of which board ranked the highest that each one makes:

Phase 5 Diamond 51″

Brigade Tamarindo

Victoria Pixie

Day 1 Phenom

Inland Surfer Sean Cummings Pro

Doomswell Neo

Triple X Plank

Chaos Contender

Wake Wood Big Cheese

Idol Catalyst

Liquid Force TC Custom

The board that James Walker Rides

Zombie Hybrid


You can view all of the reviews at

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Wave Lengths Measured!

May 12, 2015

New for 2015 we measured the length of all of the boat waves at Southern Surfest. We were very surprised how varied the results were. Thank you to Shawn Wright of Brigade Wakesurfing for being the official measurement person! To qualify the results, they were taken on the same lake, in the same area, same group of people and using the same method during each round. Both the regular and goofy sides were measured and if the boat had a wake adjusting system we measured the mellow setting and the steep settings. We also had the driver keep the same speed setting when the surfers were out on the water so they couldn’t manipulate the results (many wanted to speed up!!). From this we took the longest wave measured. Only one boat had a a large variation so we are noting it on our results (and the MasterCraft X20 was not measured due to schedule goof up).

1. 2015 Nautique G23: 23′ 8″
2. 2015 Supreme S226: 23′ 4″
3. 2015 Centurion FS33: 21′ 4″
4. 2015 Axis A24: 20′ 6″
5. 2015 MasterCraft X23 Goofy Side: 19′ 8″
6. 2015 Supra SE550: 18′ 1″
7. 2015 Malibu 23 LSV: 17′ 8″
8. 2015 Moomba Mojo (w auto flow): 17′ 3″
8. 2015 Tige Z1 (w AVX): 17′ 3″
9. 2015 MasterCraft X23 Regular Side: 16′ 8″

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Southern Surfest History

April 15, 2015


Southern Surfest was born after returning home from the Wake9 polar bear event in California. Scott Tittle, Drew Wolfe, Jim Borton , Mark and Kayla Roche all wanted to make this event become a reality. Getting to demo several boats and boards over the course of a weekend made complete sense to us. The crew at Wake9 was gracious enough to help us get started. I have been in the investment advisory business for 25 years. The financial industry has a lot of bias stemming from money and power and this makes me passionate to provide unbiased advice.


The same holds true for wakesurfing, there is a lot of bias or lack of exposure when seeking advice. The sport is growing like crazy and new technology is being developed all the time. Southern Surfest provides an unbiased environment so others can try out different boats and boards which always leads to some fun discovery! I like this because I am clearly in the camp of wanting to look out for everyone’s best interests. I also enjoy wakesurfing, so this only helps fuel my passion around that as well.


Southern Surfest is hard to perceive because it is different than any other event.   There has yet to be a place where you can demo 10 boats, over 70 surfboards and have pro riders present to help you ride better. It truly is one of a kind! Collectively, we have over $1,000,000 worth of equipment for riders to try out over the weekend of May 2nd. You have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate it. It gives all of us great pleasure to see the “wakesurf smile” once someone experiences it for the first time. It is the same response every time… “I can’t believe I am getting to do this, this is awesome” then you see them on their phones trying to explain what they are doing to their buddies!! That’s why Wake Mojo exists and why we create events like Southern Surfest!


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Surf Plates, Surf Gates, Surf Systems!

December 15, 2014

The end of 2014 has been so exciting for the surf system segment. There is a clear line drawn in the sand and the market has spoken. Bring a surf system option to your boat or get left behind. The latest announcement by Centurion to provide a surf system to their boats only clinches what we projected back in August.

We, at Wake Mojo, thought it would be interesting to post which boat manufacturers have surf systems that allow you instant transfers and not list the boat, to create a surf wave.

Manufacturers who provide this type of Surf System are:

  1. Axis
  2. Bryant
  3. Centurion
  4. Malibu
  5. MasterCraft
  6. MB Sports
  7. Moomba
  8. Nautique
  9. Pavati
  10. Supra
  11. Supreme
  12. Wakecraft


Manufacturers who provide a ‘list only wave’ are:

  1. Calabria
  2. Campion
  3. Epic
  4. Gekko
  5. Sanger
  6. Tige


We are sure this list of 6 companies is soon to dwindle further in the very near future. Feel free to post your views and submit reviews on any of the boats here at Wake Mojo. Change is in the air! It is an exciting time to wakesurf!!

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Wake Mojo Boats, Boards and Gear Reviews

October 20, 2014

Wake Mojo prides itself on wakesurf knowledge. We wanted to post some insight into the reviews we offer on our site for boats, boards and gear. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions when buying wakesurf related items. Our hope is to help save you money and to narrow down your choices that fit with what you are looking for by avoiding the “buy and try” method. We believe this will help you excel in the sport and have that much more fun on the water!

We only review items we have water tested ourselves or that have been tested by authenticated users. We are careful to qualify a review to insure it is genuine and accurate so you can be confident of the information being given. We are not affiliated with anyone in the industry and we don’t sell products. This is key for us to remain unbiased in the information we provide for all.

The criteria we use to qualify a reviewer is stringent and includes to be sure the reviewer is not a competitor trying to manipulate information. We also qualify based on how the product has been used as well to be sure the information provided is accurate. There is a lot that goes into this as we want to be a credible resource for you.

For products you have used, we invite you to submit a review using our online form. We would love to hear from you! Please find the review form on our website under ‘Submit a Review’ at the bottom of any of the Boats, Boards or Gear pages.

After Market Surf Plates!

September 29, 2014

Wicked Wave 1

Don’t have surf system on your boat? No problem!! We recently met up with the Wicked Wave crew to check out and test their Wicked Wave surf system. This surf system is an aftermarket solution to fit your current boat set up, so you too can have a surf system on the back of your boat. This opens up the convenience of not having to switch out your ballast for regular and goofy riders. The best part about it is that it attaches to your swim platform and no holes have to drilled into your hull. As of the time of this writing the surf system can EASILY go on a Malibu and an Axis boat.

The system has been custom fitted on some other brands as well. Currently, this surf system is in the process of being fitted for Tige boats which is pretty exciting… more to come from Wave Mojo on that. The Wicked Wave is a manually operated gate similar to the Moomba Flow System. It is a pretty straight forward system that is fairly inexpensive to buy. We tested the wave and were pretty impressed with the results. The wave was clean, well defined and allowed for several speed settings. If your desire to avoid buying the current technology, then this system would be the way to go for sure.. (take out extra period)The push of the wave was pretty good and the lip was defined, allowing for you to pop off the wave for airs as well. With any boat you still need to have ballast in your boat but you can ballast your boat level allowing you to change rider sides within a couple of minutes.

The Wicked Wave crew can custom fit your boat if you don’t have a Malibu, Axis or a Tige. They have custom fitted a MasterCraft before… the only requirement for custom work is to get your boat to Atlanta!!

You can go to for more information.

Meet Hunter Sims

September 21, 2014


We had the opportunity to be at Surf Nationals at Callaway Gardens in Georgia over Labor Day. While there we met 15 year old, Hunter Sims. Although, there are many great riders, Hunter stood out because he had just started wakesurfing 4 months ago! This was his first COMPETITION EVER and he was awesome!  He was able to  jump over amateur and was put into the Outlaw skim division.  On Sunday, there Hunter was, on the podium!!!  That was unreal and not to mention the respect he was already getting having just met everyone on the circuit.  I wanted to learn more of his story and scheduled a time to catch up with Hunter at Surf Expo in Orlando. Below is more of his journey.

Hunter and his family live on Lake Arietta in Auburndale, Florida which is about an hour outside of Orlando.  Hunter’s parents Dave and Angel Sims own Action Watersports, so he has grown up around the water for most of his life.  Hunter was introduced to Cobe Mikacich and started riding with him earlier this summer.  As a matter of fact, when Hunter started wakesurfing this summer a lot of people were telling the Sims he should be competing but they really didn’t know if they were just being nice or were onto something.  So they decided to shoot a short video of Hunter surfing in their back yard lake and send it over to Cobe to get his opinion….  let’s just say within 10 minutes of receiving the video Cobe was calling the Sims to say that he thinks there is something here!!  Prior to Nationals Hunter was receiving O’Brien boards to surf. They wanted to get his feedback on how to make the boards even better… as a matter of fact Hunter was riding an O’Brien prototype that still needed some tweaks but still managed to be on the podium in his first ever wakesurfing competition.  Next year you will see the Hunter Sims inspired Tesani board from O’Brien.  At the time of Surf Expo the ink was to be signed on the dotted line to officially be part of the O’Brien team.  Hunter will be the first ever O’Brien wakesurf team rider.  Not a bad summer for the Sims family!!!

So I told Hunter that at 15 the ladies would be interested in learning more about him than just wakesurfing… he kind of gave me a look:)

Here are some fun facts about Hunter:

What boat do you train behind?   2004 Moomba

What boat would you like to train behind?  Malibu 22 MXZ (hint to Dad!)

What grade are you in?  Freshman at Auburndale High School

Brother or sisters?  18 year old brother

Favorite color?  Turquoise

Hair Gel?  Yep, Garnier Fructis Surfer Hair Power Putty (told him he scored on that answer)

Wakesurfer he looks up to?  Keenan Flegal

What can you do better than Keenan?  Skateboarding

Favorite food:  Sugary foods, the more sugar the better

What is your next accomplishment you want to do?  Win Worlds in Las Vegas and make pro

I have a feeling we will be hearing more from Hunter.  He clearly has a natural talent.  He also said he will start doing surf style starting next season as well.  Watch out!!

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