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Day 1 wakesurf boards
Founded by Bryce McDonald and Jonathan Matthews, DAY1 Wake proudly provides a high-quality, hand-built product at an aggressive price competitive with the industry norm of over-seas factory molded products. In truly owning the end-to-end Design & Build process under one roof, we confidently stand behind our products and only release those boards in which we’re proud to ride. As watersports junkies since early childhood, Bryce and Jonathan have been behind boats year round in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years – from their early days, they have always been passionate about understanding and seeking out the best gear possible. With a true interest in physics and science, Bryce and Jonathan enjoy each custom order opportunity in which gaining an understanding of what you the rider is seeking, coupled to your ability (current and desired) and your typical riding conditions – they are confident in their ability to design you a top performing board.
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