Surf Plates, Surf Gates, Surf Systems!

The end of 2014 has been so exciting for the surf system segment. There is a clear line drawn in the sand and the market has spoken. Bring a surf system option to your boat or get left behind. The latest announcement by Centurion to provide a surf system to their boats only clinches what we projected back in August.

We, at Wake Mojo, thought it would be interesting to post which boat manufacturers have surf systems that allow you instant transfers and not list the boat, to create a surf wave.

Manufacturers who provide this type of Surf System are:

  1. Axis
  2. Bryant
  3. Centurion
  4. Malibu
  5. MasterCraft
  6. MB Sports
  7. Moomba
  8. Nautique
  9. Pavati
  10. Supra
  11. Supreme
  12. Wakecraft


Manufacturers who provide a ‘list only wave’ are:

  1. Calabria
  2. Campion
  3. Epic
  4. Gekko
  5. Sanger
  6. Tige


We are sure this list of 6 companies is soon to dwindle further in the very near future. Feel free to post your views and submit reviews on any of the boats here at Wake Mojo. Change is in the air! It is an exciting time to wakesurf!!

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