Wake Mojo Boats, Boards and Gear Reviews

Wake Mojo prides itself on wakesurf knowledge. We wanted to post some insight into the reviews we offer on our site for boats, boards and gear. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions when buying wakesurf related items. Our hope is to help save you money and to narrow down your choices that fit with what you are looking for by avoiding the “buy and try” method. We believe this will help you excel in the sport and have that much more fun on the water!

We only review items we have water tested ourselves or that have been tested by authenticated users. We are careful to qualify a review to insure it is genuine and accurate so you can be confident of the information being given. We are not affiliated with anyone in the industry and we don’t sell products. This is key for us to remain unbiased in the information we provide for all.

The criteria we use to qualify a reviewer is stringent and includes to be sure the reviewer is not a competitor trying to manipulate information. We also qualify based on how the product has been used as well to be sure the information provided is accurate. There is a lot that goes into this as we want to be a credible resource for you.

For products you have used, we invite you to submit a review using our online form. We would love to hear from you! Please find the review form on our website under ‘Submit a Review’ at the bottom of any of the Boats, Boards or Gear pages.