Wave Lengths Measured!

New for 2015 we measured the length of all of the boat waves at Southern Surfest. We were very surprised how varied the results were. Thank you to Shawn Wright of Brigade Wakesurfing for being the official measurement person! To qualify the results, they were taken on the same lake, in the same area, same group of people and using the same method during each round. Both the regular and goofy sides were measured and if the boat had a wake adjusting system we measured the mellow setting and the steep settings. We also had the driver keep the same speed setting when the surfers were out on the water so they couldn’t manipulate the results (many wanted to speed up!!). From this we took the longest wave measured. Only one boat had a a large variation so we are noting it on our results (and the MasterCraft X20 was not measured due to schedule goof up).

1. 2015 Nautique G23: 23′ 8″
2. 2015 Supreme S226: 23′ 4″
3. 2015 Centurion FS33: 21′ 4″
4. 2015 Axis A24: 20′ 6″
5. 2015 MasterCraft X23 Goofy Side: 19′ 8″
6. 2015 Supra SE550: 18′ 1″
7. 2015 Malibu 23 LSV: 17′ 8″
8. 2015 Moomba Mojo (w auto flow): 17′ 3″
8. 2015 Tige Z1 (w AVX): 17′ 3″
9. 2015 MasterCraft X23 Regular Side: 16′ 8″

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